Luanda Jinja 

Our foundation supports projects in various parts of the world. Projects to be prepared and conducted by missionaries from Mill Hill. This organization has been around for over 100 years and now has over 500 members: men and women who work very hard for people who need help. The growing group Mill Hillers counts priests, brothers and sisters and there is already a large group of lay: associate members. They are trained in Africa (Luanda and Jinja), India and The Philippines. What binds them and us is the commitment to our fellow human beings, without distinction. We are proud of their good work and we support their applications wholeheartedly and as well as possible. We chose our foundation in 1996 the name Luanda Jinja, because we find it very beautiful.


Demand increases

Our foundation is supported by individuals and businesses. There is also support from so-called NGOs. We are looking for more donors, because the demand for help is also growing. Especially now that the government is increasingly withdraws, help from a foundation like ours vital. We thank our generous donors. Will you join us?