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Needs translation.


Luanda Jinja Foundation has been able to support. Many projects in the past 16 years Thanks to the great and continued support of many donors and support from Cordaid example, Wild Geese, Impulsis and NCDO. These organizations have placed their trust in our work expressed by our work also possible. Especially for larger projects financially possible On this website you can read more about it under 'projects'.


In 1996 it all started. When is the initiator and Mill Hiller Martien van Leeuwen a group of enthusiasts to form. Now we can say that this initiative has become a mature and fully fledged volunteer organization. The starting point of our work is that no costs are incurred. A few exceptions (eg printing, postage for sending the newsletter, bank and agency costs) this sacred principle. We are proud of our donors, proud of our regular customers, proud of our supporting organizations and companies.


They all make it possible for us to consider and approve requests. Often within a very short time (sometimes a few days!) After the application is received a decision by our board to whether or not to honor the request. We like to work quickly, but carefully! Such rapid decision is good and pleasant for everyone. Meanwhile, many projects handled by the board and discussed. The name of our foundation has become known complacent. And that we as structural supporters Cordaid, Wild Geese, Impulsis and NCDO be called, of course, quite right!