Current projects

The following projects are pending and have our consent. This means that we are working for these projects to acquire with the help of third parties, donors etc. money:


1.Girl Soccer Tournament Kisumu Kenya: Volunteer Hennie Schuurmans, though a number of years of faithful supporter of people in poor countries, has again taken up the plan to organize. a football tournament for girls This is done in cooperation with the Kisumu Youth Football Association. It has been for the 7th time. Good work. This tournament is largely financed by sponsors and income from operations of Hennie itself.
Our foundation guarantees the possible shortage. In total there are 2500 euros to keep this tournament The aim is not only to sport together but also to bring different parts of Kenya in contact with each other. It is an opportunity, to provide information to the girls about things that are important. There were 400 girls last year from various regions of Kenya in Kisumu three days together. This has the This event has really proven to be important. Missionary Ko Klaver, a member of our Advisory Board, is directly involved in this wonderful project.


2.Crual weapons. Mill Hiller John Kirwan works for the tribe in Bondoko Basankasu in Congo. Here were / are young women raped and maimed in a barbaric manner. It not only sounds horrible, but it is true. Missionary Kirwan has finded a Congolese doctor that will perform reconstructive surgery. We can now (July 2011) more than 200 women have surgery, medications and provide to nursing. So that they can return to their families back below and function. Along with Cordaid there is made an amount of 90,000 euros ​​available for the next two years.
But we want to do more and ask for support for this particular project.


3.Massindi / Damiaanschool Uganda: this school originally founded for former child soldiers. There are now more than 700 students, which primary and secondary education enjoy. Especially children who lost their parents are. Or no way of knowing whether they are alive or be sure that they perished in the war. Tjeu Hauman (former Mill Hiller deceased in 2005) founded this school and now is Jan Laarakker the Mill Hiller that accompanies the school. There is an urgent need for a drinking water system and we go back for our rights. We have this project signed in De Rooi Pan (educational institution in Brabant). The Molenwijk School (Jenaplanschool in Boxtel) zakmelt annual sum for the basic, namely food and drink. 6 years, this small school not only active teaching team, but besides the children's parents. It is wonderful to experience that a school undertakes a journey for years. We are proud!


We examine to what extent it is possible to appoint more subprojects so that school teachers now 30 (!) can make steps forward.


Purchase car in Congo:

also for Mill Hiller John Kirwan. This missionary works for the tribe in Bondoko Basankasu in Congo. This area is three times larger than the Netherlands. And there are little or no passable roads. He needs a really good, solid wheel drive for its support work car (Toyota Landcruiser). Therefore we decided to perform the requested amount of approximately € 56,000 . Via our newsletter and our website action we started an action. Recently (July 17) is the message arrived, the car has arrived in the port of Basankusu. Project is successfully completed. Thanks to all the generous donors!


4. Huyslinci in Uganda / Entebbe: Purchase interior classrooms, teaching materials, machinery etc. for Huyslinci: those under construction school for elementary and secondary education in Entebbe (Uganda) for the approximately 500 current students required to access education are necessary all kinds of stuff . This will require approximately 16,000 euros an amount. The Department of Hospitality De Rooi Pannen in Tilburg has made ​a great efoort to carry out schemes and retrieval. And that's happened in a great way . Tribute for the team and the students of the Department of Hospitality of this school. What a job! What a drive. What an enthusiasm. Huyslinci is a special project for our foundation, because we started with the acquisition of the huge amount of up to € 165,000 in 2008 to purchase and commit. Meanwhile the school is nearly ready for use (Spring 2011). And now the layout and materials can also be purchased.
The project is successfully completed. The school was officially opened in May 2011. This fall, a delegation of De Rooi Pannen, along with one of our boardmembers, visit the project.



5. Purchase new generators Pakistan: Missionary Jimmy Lindoro (Pakistan, Sindh) desperately needs some generators for his church, his presbyteries and the school
next. Lindoro works for the lowest class (Kutchi Kohli people),
a Hindu group of people. We have decided to honnor that request immediately with the amount of € 1,500.
Project is completed.


6. Philippines construction Regional Orthopaedic Center: For the foundation Walk and Work (Iloilo, Philippines), we build a orthopedic center to ensure the selfless commitment of continuity.
Father Jacques Derksen and Jesie Villareal (surgeon). Here, people are helped
who can not pay. Also, there is in this project aid of the Liliane Foundation, Pum and Cordaid (Lent 2011). Leading 2 April 2011 the Midvastenloop (Rossum, Overijssel) has selected this project as one of the charities.
Read more in the newsletter in December 2010. Here are some pictures:


7. Fistula Women (Congo): Already in 2010 we started the fundraising for this distressing project. On cruel way hundreds of women in the Diocese Basankusu where raped by rebels and soldiers of the Congolese army. The result is standard that many girls and women now suffer the medical consequences, such as vesico-vaginal fistula. A major project was started to these women not only chirurgisch, but also psychologically , social and economic help. This project is still going on.



Who wants to know more about many projects that we support, the best is to read our newsletters. The newsletters can be download under the main title "Information".



Projects we support, have to deal with for example, replacing a roof of a school, the purchase of new books for the library of a school, the construction of toilets, the restoration of a boat. Also we have sent money to a school for deaf children.
To build a new water pump at the Peace Village Kuron (South Sudan). A brass band in Uganda got money for transport, because that band occurs in many places. This band members got free uniforms and musical instruments that are collected in Tilburg.
In recent months, more and more projects are supported: dealing with education and childcare responsibilities.