With admiration and pride we look back at the past 15 years that our foundation has worked and numerous large and small projects. This is all made possible thanks to the support of individuals, foundations and corporations. Small and large donations from people, thereby enabling not only projects, but want to be involved in the work of the missionaries from Mill Hill. People with MISSION. People , who like us, have a right to a good life, food and drink, education and work. We bring good news through our joint efforts and effective support.


Without the support of donors (first group) we can do nothing. We now have more than 400 individuals who transfer money regularly. Sometimes to deposit an annual contribution while others occasionally transfer money. Small amounts of 25 to 50 euros and we also received some people make larger amounts of more than 1000 euros to our bank account ( on. More and more it happens that people transfer a large amount (for instance the payment of an annuity or estate). That is of course fantastic!


In addition to donors, we have from the beginning of our existence in 1996 on the support of three major parties. They are listed under The third group are companies. There are those who support our work financially, but also run free special work of our organization. (communication). Finally we get increasingly support of educational institutions. As of Jenaplanschool Molenwijk in Boxtel and De Rooi Pan (Tilburg, Eindhoven and Breda).

All supporters we are constantly very grateful. In great confidence to all our supporters, big and small, we will continue with this work and we work together to build a better future for everyone.